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Kollin and I worked on a variety of projects that made a direct and meaningful impact on our marketing campaigns. While her digital marketing expertise had something to do with the success of these projects, it was her creativity and willingness to bring new ideas to light that stood out. Unlike other digital marketers who stick to their sandbox and assume their way is the only way, Kollin took a different, more welcoming approach. Her work was fluid and complementary from the get-go. You can imagine how much time and money this saved us (another welcome benefit of hiring Kollin)! If her vision, creativity, and mindful approach to understanding your company (and your goals) weren't enough for you to reach out to her for help on your project, might I also raise one more (but not final) benefit Kollin brings to your business? She's a consummate professional who brings just the right amount of energy and enthusiasm to every meeting and every project. So, if you're looking to breathe new life in your company's marketing, reach out to Kollin Lephart. You'll be doing you, and your company a favor that pays dividends, for the long term.

North American Roofing

I started my own business online last year, and I don’t know how I could have done with without the help of Destination M+PR! Working with Kollin was incredibly helpful. I was working full time, and working on my business. Marketing and social media became a huge part of where I was spending my time, and that kept me from focusing on others aspects of growing the business. Branding and online presence are SO important, especially for a company that is solely online, and it can be a beast to manage! The online game is changing every day, and it’s impossible to keep up with if you aren’t constantly involved. Kollin and her team were able to develop content, manage multiple social media platforms, and improve our branding, so I could focus on other important things (inventory, product design, finances, etc.). She would keep me on track for goals we set, offer new ideas, and bring a fresh perspective. Kollin is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her drive and positive attitude make her the perfect person to work with in growing a business!

The Mutt Mall

We have really enjoyed working with Destination M+PR! Kollin is dependable, works efficiently, is creative in her marketing strategies, and is very organized and honest. She always has a positive attitude, and we understand how important all of that is when outsourcing. Whenever we share feedback or require changes, she has gone above and beyond to show that she's listening. I'd highly recommend Kollin to any business looking to outsource their social media, email marketing, public relations or SEO.


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