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How We Got Our Med Spa Client 612 Inbound Calls in 1 Month

In one month, we were able to bring our client 612 new leads resulting in an increase in booked appointments and sales.


When our client came to us...

Christine, the owner, was facing a tough challenge. Their lack of brand awareness and traffic to their website was causing a significant barrier to growth and stability. They needed a reliable way to attract consistent traffic to their website, increase lead generation, and boost sales. That’s when they decided to partner with Destination M+PR.

1. Not generating leads consistently

They had repeat clients coming in for their services, but not enough new clients.

2. Don’t have the bandwidth to scale because they’re wearing too many hats

We understand how difficult running a business can be. You can’t do everything.

3. They are doing the marketing themselves (in-house) and aren’t getting the results they need

Everyone thinks they can do marketing for your business… but can they generate leads consistently and help build a quality brand?

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How We Generated Consistent Leads for Our Client

Paid Social Advertising Campaigns

We leveraged Facebook & Instagram ads to drive traffic to their spa, increase brand awareness, and promote their monthly promotions.

Social Media Marketing

We leveraged the power of social media marketing through Facebook & Instagram to showcase our clients services and educate their audience. 

Local SEO

We worked towards increasing our clients SEO through local search engine optimization strategies.

Email Marketing

We knew the power of email marketing was essential for the success of this client, and promoted their services and deals resulting in 50% + open rates.

Influencer Campaigns

The Jones Effect worked well in medspa scenerios while showcasing their work and influencers experience.

Case Studies

Proven Results with Our Med Spa Client

These results came from one of our med spa clients that we helped reach $1M in their first year!

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Experience Matters

"DMPR is incredible to work with. The team is very knowledgeable in marketing and looked out for my interest the whole time. Very responsive and just great to work with. I would not hesitate to hire them for any job, and highly recommend them."
Owner and CEO
"Working with Kollin was an absolute dream. On top of her being an incredible person in general she had amazing competitive analysis and research, thoughtful social media planning, and a “one-step-ahead” attitude. She is who I recommend to anyone in need of social media or marketing services. She’s a lifesaver!"

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